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Parking and Transport Management Solutions - Manila and Cebu Parking Management

Our management direction is designed to optimize revenue and right size cost in order to enhance profitability and enterprise value. We place an importance on maintaining a neat, world class and secured parking areas staffed by professional, uniformed, trained and motorist oriented personnel. Our customer care programs reflect our importance that motorist delightful experience that plays a paramount role in growing customer loyalty and supporting business growth efforts on a win win scenario.

Our management expertise includes:

  • Operational assessments and improvements

  • Customized inspection and maintenance

  • Technology, network and software upgrade and integration

  • Comprehensive management services

  • Cash and cost management

  • Complimentary customer care programs

  • On-street parking management

  • Commercial center parking management

  • Parking lots and facility management

  • Multilevel parking management

  • Multilevel parking technology

  • Computerized point of sale systems for parking management

  • Parking software development

  • Customized parking solutions


Multilevel Parking System


Main Features of the Entry Station:

  • Cold-rolled steel shell, static powder coating, waterproof, rust proof, and crash proof.

  • Can dispense card automatically at the entrance. Fast dispensation, can verify card automatically at the exit.

Main Features of the Barrier:

  • Integrated core, steel shell, coated by baking varnish or plastic spraying.

  • Dual self-locking to prevent man-made lift, and protect car from barrier falling.

  • non-contact circuit control to ensure machine work safely under bad environment.

  • Barrier length: 1 to 5 meters.

  • Barrier style: straight / folding / fencing.

On-Street Charging Management System of Intelligent Parking Meter


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